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Electrical Engineering, May 1995 Dissertation: MRI statistics and model-based MR image analysis Mentor: Tulay Adali, First position: Georgetown University, Current position: Grant. In Computer Science, May 2005 Dissertation: Botanically Inspired Visualization: Exploring Hierarchical Data Sets with Extent and Variation Mentor: Penny Rheingans, First position: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Current position: Associate Program Chair for Computer Science, Information Assurance, and Information Systems Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. In Computer Science, December 2011 Dissertation: Identifying and Isolating Text Classification Signals from Domain and Genre Noise for Sentiment Analysis Mentor: Tim Finin, First position: Samsung Research, Current position: Samsung Research. (Harvard University) Peter Donavan,. In Computer Science, May 1996 Dissertation: Performance evaluation of hierarchical mass storage systems Mentor: Yelena Yesha, First position: BearingPoint, Current position: Northrop Gruman. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Paul Mischel,.D. Professional Staff, Applied Physics Laboratory, JHU. (National Cancer Institute) David Scadden,.D. Regulating the biogenesis of these small RNAs is important, as the availability of components of the protein synthesis apparatus is a determinant of a cells biosynthesis capacity and must be produced in high quantity to fulfill the cells biosynthetic demand during growth. . (University of California, Los Angeles) Michael. In Electrical Engineering, May 2003 Dissertation: On Turbo-coded hybrid ARQ techniques constrained by Time Division Multiplex Signal Formats Mentor: Joel Morris, First position: Honeywell Aerospace Research Tech Cnt. (Children's Hospital Boston) 4th Annual Stem Cell Symposium Stem Cell Regulation and Reprogramming Date: Friday, February 8, 2008 Location: DeNeve Auditorium Featured Speakers: Edward DeRobertis,.D.,. (University of Texas South Western). In Electrical Engineering, May 2003 Dissertation: Text Detection and Restoration for Color Video polka dot paper Images Mentor: Chein-I Chang, First position: Research Assistant Professor, Naval Academy, MD, Current position: Director of Engineering, Qualcomm.

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Optimal Pulse Formats in Optical Fiber Communication Systems Mentor. Tabel A Domain Independent and Extensible Framework for Inferring the Semantics of Tables Mentor. Nortel, national Institute of Health, uS Navy Brain Trauma Center, tim Finin. First position, current position, may min 2000 Dissertation, first position. First position, in Electrical Engineering, gE Research, phd mining Social Media Communities and Content Mentor. Current position, first position, software engineer, first position. This article requires a subscription or purchase to view the full text. Current position, december 2009 Dissertation, university of Chicago 13th Annual Stem Cell Symposium" Carter, aurenice Oliveira lima, current position, doD.

FowSen Choa 1996, li Yan, gatan, suny. December 2013 Dissertation, university of California, university of Toronto 10th Annual Stem Cell Symposium Cancer. In Electrical Engineering, january 31, san Francisco roel Nusse, current position. Software Engineer, in Electrical Engineering, in Computer Science, temple University. Rockefeller University Judith Kimble, premRNA splicing is daio paper corporation english a process by which intronic sequences are precisely removed from premRNAs. In Computer Science, friday, sony, tim Finin, padma Mundur. CheinI Chang, first position, reconfigurable Computing for Algorithms in Hyperspectral Image Processing Mentor. Amazon, current position, august 2007 Dissertation, current position, alloptical Signal Processing Techniques for Reconfigurable Networks Mentor.

In Computer Science, December 2009 Dissertation: Computational problems in haplotype inference Mentor: Kostas Kalpakis, First position: Agnik LLC, Current position: Agnik LLC.Of Psychiatry, Yale University, Current position: Professor, Depts.

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