Making a paper cone template

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They can also be used as gift bags or to hold a favor for a wedding or party. When this is complete, you should have a general shape of a cone in place. This also can be done in Word. 5, tape the inside of the cone closed. Don't make firm creases in your paper. How do I make a circle of printed songs in the center? Improper measurements will have a big effect on your cone's result. Use the template to cut out two sides from the circle to make your wedge. No, cardboard is too thick to be bent into a funnel. For your cone shape, bring one cut end of your disc over to the other in a cone shape. Make sure you're using a template with one long side and two shorter sides of equal length. Experiment with different cone-making techniques. Step 8: To avoid grease marks from cookies and sweets. If you run into any cutting mishaps, you will probably need to start over again. Cut off any excess crepe paper if the strip is too long. Step 1: Trace the cone template onto card stock paper and cut out. Microsoft Paint can make the circle size you want and bend the text. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture! Warnings Don't rush through the initial measurements. Question Why does the tape need to be inside the cone? In order for it to be rolled popcorn properly into a cone, there must be one long side, and two shorter sides of equal length. Although folding your loose edges should stabilize the cone's shape, taping the seam inside the cone will help ensure it holds. Did this article help you? Draw a pattern in with pencil first if you're worried about making mistakes. Fold the loose edges into the cone's opening, then secure it with a strip of tape along the cone's inside seam! Step 5: Fold back the crepe paper top and then add two close lines of double-sided tape, like shown on the photo, down one of the sides of the cone.

Gently fold the crepe paper back into place and embellish the front of the paper cone. A halfcircle will result in a smoother top. S fun to add a pattern, take additional strips and line them across paper the top and middle of the seam. Make a mark in the center of the disc.

Tape the inside of the cone by bridging the two sides so that they slightly overlap and bridging the overlap with tape. Roll the far corners of your paper into the centre. It is helpful to have one hand applying the tape while the other holds the shape of the cone. If you have a solid idea what youapos. The bigger the triangle, the more cones you make 5 3 2, im sure that the receiver of a paper cone will be very excited to see what its hiding inside. Cut the triangle wedge out of the circle. Ll be using, the better theyapos, one hand should be used for each corner. A thick construction paper is best if youapos. Our cone template is available in two sizes. Re making making a paper cone template a cone for beforehand.

The larger the radius, the taller the cone.2, draw a triangle wedge.