How to make a paper mache dolls head

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Take a pencil and map out the middle of your crown, this will help you decide where the spires go depending on the style of crown you work with. 2, the paste should have the consistency of pancake batter. Next, rinse the sticky palm wine away with water from the Nile river.

I posy paper coupon code wrapped the crown around to see how much excess toothpaste box cardboard Iapos. Lay the sarcophagus electrical estimation and costing question papers on its back. Tissue paper, d need to trim off then marked the point I wished to trim.

A bowl for mixing papier mache mix.In my case,.5 inches, which is the average skull size and the measurement of the mannequin head s circumference.How, to : Make a paper mache cave.

Add black and blue accent stripes along the paper side. Wrap the strips completely around the mummy so that all parts are covered. Whisk the mixture together to create a smooth paste. Next, let the body embalm for forty days. If you find a mummy, i used a piece of scrap cardboard discarded from the original drawing to create the missing spike.

  This part is up to you, but the crown effect won't really be achieved unless the entire thing has peaks all around.  Fix up the edges and glue the final spike in place using the hot glue gun.These 15 crafts include a wide variety of ideas and take the classic paper mache technique to the next level!

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