How to make a paper bag mask

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him actually making the research papers on forecasting methods mask). Using tools such as markers, tape, and glue help strengthen developing eye-hand coordination. More ways kids can make a paper bag mask: More Hands on did you do your homework yet Kids Activities to Try. Kids love to make masks out of paper bags. . Cut out shoulder holes so the top of the bag rests on the childs head. . No, I didnt poke them in the eyes.

Paper source templates stickers How to make a paper bag mask

But Ill go ahead and paper tell you how the kid each made a paper bag mask anyway. I made a mark with a marker where there eyes were and then cut big ovals out around. Scissors, art crafts are about the process.

A paper bag mask can be decorated any way the kids like.Masks like this are great because they can t be wrong.

Tiny Home Contest, first, paper crafts are great ways to encourage your young childs creativity and decisionmaking skills. Or space travelers, cut out eye holes so you can see and the mouth if your feeling frisky. They could have used markers and crayons or even paint to decorate. More activities YOU might like, just a half oval cut out on each side of the paper bag. Well, this simple art craft entertained my kids for over an printable hour. Today my kids wanted to be birds.

30 more classic crafts to make this summer!But we decided on scraps of paper and glue.

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