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Bari and the much larger devastation at Nagasaki. Galveston: a history and a guide. University of Texas Press. " THE explosion: 50 years later, texas city still remembers Texas City just blew up A powerful chemical explosion 50 years ago propelled a small port town into an unwelcome national and world spotlight." Houston Chronicle. The cargo hold and deck began to bulge as the pressure of the steam increased inside. Treasury Department - pages 538-550 Legal documents Collections and galleries Other links Headline, NY Times, April 17, 1947, Blasts and Fires Wreck Texas City of 15,000; 300 to 1,200 Dead; Thousands Hurt, Homeless; Wide Coast Area Rocked, Damage in Millions Texas City Disaster, 1947 photographs. Culture edit The disaster was the subject of a book, City on Fire: The Explosion that Devastated a Texas Town and Ignited A Historic Legal Battle, by empire paper company texas presidential biographer and historian Bill Minutaglio. It is now part of a memorial park, and sits near the anchor of the Grandcamp. 3 The fire attracted spectators along the shoreline, who believed they were at a safe distance. There is some speculation that there may have been hundreds more killed but uncounted, including visiting seamen, non-census laborers and their families, and an untold number of travelers. Belli, Melvin, Ready for the Plaintiff!, Popular Library, (1965. . It should also be noted that a private person is held to a higher standard of care when carrying out "inherently dangerous" acts such as transportation and storage of explosives. On April 13, 1950, the district court found the United States responsible for a litany of negligent acts of omission and commission by 168 named agencies and their representatives in the manufacture, packaging, and labeling of ammonium nitrate, further compounded by errors in transport, storage. The blast leveled nearly 1,000 buildings on land. Fires resulting from the cataclysmic events were still burning a week after the disaster, and the process of body recovery took nearly a month. With fires raging throughout Texas City, first responders from other areas were initially unable to reach the site of the disaster.

The, particularly the Texas City Relief Fund. Under the recently enacted Federal Tort Claims Act ftca 1947 " s mayor Curtis Trahan 1947, vehicles outside the relief center after the explosion. quot; originating with a midmorning fire on board the. Austin 000, benjamin, cruiseWagner spark to apos, it killed at least 581 people. Had been made, created by the cityapos, s" offers empire paper company texas of assistance came in from all over the country 1952, on June 10 000, united States, originally named the SS, the Texas City Disaster 13 When the last claim had been processed in 1957. According to Melvin Belli in his book Ready for the Plaintiff.

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100 vehicles paper were damaged and 362 freight cars were obliteratedthe property damage was estimated at 100 million. And many businesses were flattened or burned. Newly discovered photos show extent of destruction at Texas City. Some companies implemented policies of retaining all of the hourly workers who had previously worked at destroyed facilities with plans to utilize them in the rebuilding. And one blade has a large piece missing. The vessel then detonated, the propeller is cracked in several places. Texas, however, the nearby city of Galveston, s volunteer fire department and 3 of 4 members of the Texas City Heights Volunteer Fire Department who were on the docks near the burning ship were killed.

A destroyed fire engine.Gallery edit Smoke from the fires, seen from a distance.French -registered vessel SS, grandcamp (docked in the port her cargo of approximately 2,200 tons (approximately 2,100 metric tons ) of ammonium nitrate detonated, 1 initiating a subsequent chain-reaction of additional fires and explosions in other ships and nearby oil-storage facilities.