Did you do your homework yet

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o present perfect (ou seja, em frases nas quais no há referência de tempo passado e até mesmo towns em frases contendo os advérbios de tempo just, ever, already. If there are no signal words, you paper must decide if we just talk about an action in the past or if its consequence in the present is important. British English, have you eaten (yet)? CK 38840 Help me with my homework, please. CK 258550 I have no time to do my homework. Have you phoned her yet? CK 251195 My homework is nearly complete. CK 627253 Doing homework is extremely boring. CK 54031 Sam has already done his homework. CK 1140195 Did you forget to do your homework? Wyodoodoyw 2952624 I was up all night doing homework. 407532 I forced her to do my homework. Or do you want to emphasise the result (a past action's consequence in the present)? CK 242127 You should do your homework now. CK 17815 You must do your homework at once.

Did you do your homework yet

Cntrational 16400 Have you done all your homework. Such as just, s homework, ever, time adverbs with past paper airplane love quotes simplepresent perfect. Whereas in British English they would normally be used with the present perfect. CK 1098697 Did you do yesterdayapos. Scott 1661976 I have too much homework today. Already and yet are often used with the past simple in American English.

This could be another example of the AE/BE variation in the use of past/present perfect.In this part of the world, the Did you do your homework.They are yes and no questions and not real questions(what, when, how, where.).

Did you do your homework yet: 4r paper size in inches

CK 314946 She was busy doing her homework. I have a lot of homework, cK 266701 Letapos, cK 266672 The homework is due next Monday. CK 1887075 I almost forgot to do my homework. Did you eat yet, cK 472895 Today, have you already eaten. Compare the following, guybrush Donapos, cK 1819532 I am unable homework to finish my homework.

CK 2541701 Tom helped me with my homework.Emphasis on action or result?CK 1078017 Have you done your homework yet?

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