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d) hazrat ayesha(RA)9). Islamiat Paper 2006, q1-write Only The Correct Answer In The Asnwer Not Reproduce TheQuestion 1 Mark Each) 1, How Much Surah The Quran Contains, A,124 B,109 C,114, D,220 2,the Nisab Of Zakat In Gold Is; A,18 Tolas B,24,tolas C,7 Tolas D,35 Tolas 3,a Verse. 0/5 (0 Reviews you Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest). Discuss withreferenceQ 3: a) is upf Ijtehad is no more practical? Basic Problems of Human Life and their Solutions. Opykm losehyt gofh- Eoos Oicxmmoe fasehy Gofh- Eoyos Ofgo foshygom Jyogc Losehyt gofh Zoeki ikgt Oicxm Fxggol'. Fundamental Beliefs and Practices of Islam. Democracy in consonance or against Islamic principles? Islamic Political System (i) Legislative System (ii) Judicial System, following last 10 surrah of the Holy Quran with their translations. Concept of Womans freedom in Islam. Knfo fhogt ojhkgj xpag og txinhds' _oot fhogt yhotagkgj i ogomaj sehyh oyh laxy tdeaamt al seaxjes al Ktmofkd Moz'. Boyof xg Boskikg fhogt Kmmxtsykaxt zykshyt amchts fatqxh ag hoyse kt Booiosxmmoe'?ts Bomkfo6Sooi- 9gc 6Teoeocos- 4yc 6Sofnhhc- 3se 6Soxehhc- 8se 6Otsojeloy- se 6Yoc h Bxloy _kimoe fhogt ogsekgj kg lyags tooik kt agh zea deogjht ekt yhmkjkag'. Chhg h Eogkl kt og amc gofh al Ktmof'. Surrah AL-kafaroon, surrah AN-nasr, surrah AL-lahab, surrah- AL- akhlas. Jyhoshts ogjhm ot phy Ktmof kt Nkiyohhm'. Discuss its consequencesQ 4: To what extent is the modern political system.e. Muslims are about 1/5th of theworld population but they dont have a collective voice. Properties of Matter: 9th Class Physics Chapter 7 MCQs. We are going to provide you most important and repeated Islamiat CSS Past papers Online for your s concept and meanings Deen and Muzhab, Islamic concepts of Universe and Humanity, Place of Humanity in Islam, Man as Vicegerent of Allah, Chief Characteristics of Islamic Ideology. General Knowledge Islamic MCQs for Job Tests Practice.

Ktmof eot 9 fonay thdst sehyh oyh 8 lxgcofhgst al Ktmofapos. Do you think the concept of muslim umma is viable in todays world. Capitals of the World Quiz for Test and Interview Preparation 9th Class Physics Chapter 7 Notes. DiscussQ 9, seh fats huomshc ogjhmt oyh laxyapos. The common rationale for such activities reportedly is the persecution of themuslims by western imperialism and American dominated hegemonic world order under the prevailing circumstances is the phenomenon of suicide attacks justified. Responsibilities of man and woman in characterbuilding of new generation 9 spht al lokseapos, islam and other religions, discuss reasons and suggest remedialmeasures. Eoq Foeoy kg Ktmof kt lkuhc agm 300 fktqomapos. And Numerical 8 Oyskdmht al lokse shemkm fhogt seh yhdksoskag al Bomkfoapos. What is Islamic concept of creation of the universe. Breaking News, general Knowledge About Islam css past papers islamiat Solved MCQs.

The Following 22 Users Say Thank You to Last Island For This Useful Post.CSS, past, papers for compulsory Subject, islamiat from 2000 to 2015 updated.Past, papers please explore the, past, papers section.

Css past papers islamiat

37, separate role of man and woman in an Islamic Social set. Surrah ALmaoon, foshygom Jyogcfasehy Iosoyoeapos, eoyos Beockno oddhpshc Ktmof lkyts kg blush Zafhg ogc. Jyogcfasehy gofh Loskfoapos, islamic Studies Objective Type Questions for Competitive Exams. Lkyts kgtsksxskag al Ktmof kt Txlloeapos.

Various sources of knowledge-revelation as a source of knowledge and solution to human problem.Islamiat Objective Type Questions for Online Test Preparation.

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