Beyond the scope of my paper

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us/them screed, let us draw back and recognize that on every level there is some of this at work. To intimate that a paper wasnt up to publication quality in my view simply because of a lack of scope of the data presented. Even if the Editor initially goes with a rejection decision, said Editor is still often open to a substantive plea for reconsideration. EnglishThese philosophical debates lie beyond the scope of my report, but for the record I would like to point out that I consider sustainable development to be the ideal solution. EnglishOn some important points, Parliament has insisted on going beyond the scope of the Commission's initial proposal. Są jednak pewne kwestie, które dalece wykraczają poza zakres przedmiotowego rozporządzenia, w związku z czym nie będziemy mogli go poprzeć. From AI scientist Drew McDermott, in 1976 : In this paper I have criticized AI researchers very harshly. You see where this leads, though, dont you? It is only fair. And of course, the worst possible reason for demanding more data: Well, I include five times more data in each of my publications so everyone else should have to as well. Of course, we juliet all couch this to ourselves in terms of different things but something in the nature of a complete story runs through most. Orac noted : You dont always have to do what the reviewers demand when you resubmit. Paper, including the extension of i t s scope beyond c a sh held in bank accounts to include. So the molecular nutters start insisting on gene array this, no, no thats old hat, Chippie-Chip that, whoops, whats all this Selexa sequencing? You can only do the science you can afford in terms of grant dollars paying for supplies and personnel and institutional support in terms of access to big-ticket equipment or other resources. One of the more frustrating aspects of the debate over scope is the push and pull between paper review/acceptance and grant review/funding.

Jednak dla porządku chciałbym zaznaczyć, i mean, we will sometimes pull out the old standby beyond the scope of this paper. People should have to go to the same trouble as we go to 20 The details of rotational line positions in vibration scope bands are exceedingly complex m beyond the scope. You cant publish very highly without them. In order to get the grant dollars from the NIH.

A single phrase beyond the scope of this paper is used by academic writers to accomplish various communicative moves in research.Many translated example sentences containing is beyond the scope of this paper English-Dutch dictionary and search engine for English translations.Wiele przetłumaczonych zdań z beyond my scope słownik.

Discussion over the socalled Least Publishable Unit is an old tradition in academia. The authors do not necessarily have to comply in order to get the paper accepted by the editor. The post alludes in several places to reviewers asking for paper a substantial amount of additional work to be conducted.

16) The procedure is highly technical and beyond the scope of this text.If your papers are considered more substantial, deeper, broader or whatever, the easier the grant money is to pry loose.Englishto be beyond the scope of sb more_vert wykraczać poza kompetencje kogoś, englishHowever, there are certain issues that go far beyond the scope of this regulation, and consequently we will not be able to support.

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