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820ft, providing a high-speed connection for remote devices. Data throughput max.: 200Mbps (total up down). Provide data speeds up to 200Mbps for high speed connections. No configuration is required, simply plug and go for quick installation. Veracity Highwire VHW-HW - Key benefits: Legacy coax video cabling can be retained and used for new generation digital IP cctv surveillance applications providing significant cost savings. The Highwire VHW-HW requires no network configuration, has no IP or MAC address. Select one from the options above if required. warranty: 5 years, veracity Highwire VHW-HW - Connections: Analogue connector: BNC 75ohm. Auto-adaptation to cable conditions. Ethernet connector: RJ-45, power input 12V DC or 24V AC terminal block connector. Product - Veracity Vhwhw Highwire Ethernet Over Coax Converter Module (vhw -hw). Veracity USA VHW-WMB Mounting Bracket for Surveillance Camera. Now is the perfect time was there any homework to get started developing on the Veracity platform. Veracity VHW -HW highwire Ethernet over coax device.

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Supply current, uses legacy analogue veracity usa inc.vhw-hw video cabling cutting installation costs. Screw terminals for AC or DC power. High speed data connection in locations with preinstalled coaxial cable. The units are perfect for providing a long distance. The Highwire vhwhw needs no network configuration and is completely transparent to other devices on the network. Nominal 12V DC 924V working range or 24V AC type and polarity auto detected. Ethernet interface, current slide currentslide of totalslides You may also like. Additionally, analogue BNC connection 10100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet connection. Where cable length, straightthrough or crossover auto detected 100BaseT10BaseT 200mA 12V 100mA 24V, it has a standard RJ45 network connector one side and a coaxial BNC connector on the other.

Product - Veracity Usa Inc.VOR-ORL-XT Lan External Use 100m Ext No Out.

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Or 1600ft with high grade cable. Check delivery charges to where you are. Allows the use of megapixel or multiple IP cameras to run from a single connection. See all 00, quick installation with no configuration, ideal for sites where analogue video paper hearts soundcloud surveillance systems are being upgraded to IP video. Designed to fit paper size mismatch hp 3630 inside camera housings and use the camera power supply please have an electrician check supply voltages before using camera supply to power Highwire unit. Reducing system cost when converting, mPN XEX, product Key Features.

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The Highwire unit is designed to utilise existing legacy co-axial video cabling allowing you to migrate to digital IP cctv without having to install any new cabling.Used in pairs, one Highwire unit is attached at each end of a co-axial video cable by BNC connectors providing a straight RJ-45 to RJ-45 Ethernet connection from its opposite end.