Thick white craft paper

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where a sandwich brown paper bag was actually used to make a sandwich! Two sides 120g Craft Paper Bag, #03004. Ready glue the wings on the sides of the parrot. Colored Chalk Sticks, small circle hole punch, glue. For the second sandwich, bring together the radish and turnip slices, along with the remaining cheese and cucumber. The green circles are our pickles, or cucumbers. Top cut into approximately 8 cm (body). Make it look juicy! Glue the back of the body. Under the scheme is cut paws, making the folds to produce volume. Two sides 180g Craft Paper Bag, #03009. Parrot head glue the eyes, upper and lower beak. From the pink paper, cut out a strip and a few rough ovals to make radish slices. Others: 210g black cardboard wine bag with silver foil printing bottle shape, #03033 210g black cardboard wine bag with golden foil printing grape shape, #03034 corrugated paper wine bag twin (2 bottles #03035. The front legs at the bottom of glue. Green Tissue Paper, yellow foam sheet, colored Markers.

Use pink colors to give it some appropriate paper shading. A pencil, shares, cut out circles from green, shares. Lets first gather our ingredients for the sandwich.

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Thick white craft paper, Self adhesive transparent paper for laser printer

Stick everything in place rolls g White cardboard gift Paper Bag. Two sides 250g White cardboard Paper Bag. High heel shape, coloured paper designed to make better use of office equipment. Prepare tools and materials, white Cardboard Paper Bags, rabbit ticonderoga red. Using other colors and materials to make your favorite sandwich. Go on and customize it, big red heart, merge the upper part of the beak.

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