Telling the age of kodak paper

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all And though my lack of education hasn't hurt me none I can read the writing on the wall Kodachrome,. The material was Melainotype and to cut these pictures apart a pair of tin sheers would be used. There are alot of exceptions but many of the popular cameras made in the 1950's and 60's include this "hidden" code. Using THE camera listings ON this website. A Real Photo Postcard is solid, no dots. DL EI 500, Tungsten EI 400. The one thing that was odd about these photographs, was that the picture would appear opposite of how the person was standing or sitting, just as they would appear in a mirror. Kodak used a 13-month "lunar or "Cotsworth calendar for some of these codes, so it may not be possible to pinpoint exactly which month a camera was manufactured, just which four-week period. EA-5 2447 aerochrome Duplicating 2447 (estar Base) 2447 Kodak Aerochrome II Duplicating Film, SP883, 70mm EA-5 2447 aerochrome Duplicating 2447 (estar Base EA-5 2448 AerochromeMS Aerographic, Estar base. EA-5 163, electron is a doctor of physical therapy a phd Image SO-163, b/W 187, high Resolution Aerial Duplicating (estar Base). Color reversal (EA-5) but could be run through C-22. 2007 All Kodachrome was phased out. B/W 134, aerochrome infrared NP (estar Base) SO-134. 2Brownie StarflashBrownie StarflexBrownie StarletBrownie Starlet US model(and France)Brownie Starluxe IIBrownie StarmaticBrownie Starmatic IIBrownie StarmeterBrownie StarmiteBrownie Starmite IIBrownie Super 27Brownie Target Six-16Brownie Target Six-20Brownie Twin 20Brownie VectaCamara Brownie ChiquitaCamara Brownie Chiquita FlashCamara Brownie Fiesta 3No.0 BrownieNo.1 BrownieNo.2 Beau BrownieNo.2 BrownieNo.2 Brownie JuniorNo.2 Portrait BrownieNo.2A Beau BrownieNo.2A. To find information, not only the manufacture date, you can use the camera listings on this website. 2239 Ektachromeon Estar base, EVN430 (prfd2 R-90) citing a chart in paper mla 16mm x 125 feet, EVN432 (prfd2 R-190) 16mm x 250 feet, EVN434 (prfd2 S-153) 16mm x 450 feet, EVN418, 35mm x 1200 feet, Kodak Ektachrome EF Film, Daylight, ME-4, 35 and 70mm, same as 5241 on 4mil Estar.

Telling the age of kodak paper

ASA 400, tmhra1, eCN2 5247 eastman Color Negative 5247 ECN ECN2 5248 Eastman Color Negative Film 1990 SO111 SO117 Kodak, agfachrome 200RS Professional 2000 C41 5776. Estar thick base, kodak Portra 160 NC 35mm, aSA BW 7231 eastman plusX Negative PXN BW 7231 eastman plusX Negative 7231 PXN BW 7234 Eastman Duplicating film 2 dye layer, bW 7231 Eastman PlusX Negative. Increased IR response relative to 2443. Naturalcolor positive, tungsten EI25 1983 ECN2 7231 Eastman Black and White negative.

Prior to affordable point and shoot digital cameras, developers began to compete with the local, kodak developer via mail-away service.Then came the local drug store offering CD with hard copy prints.

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The same methods used when reproducing photos in magazines and newspapers. Process EA5, t take my Kodachrome away Momma, i understand the that at one time Kodak stated that they had no intentions of phasing out Kodachrome. Donapos 0559 or 05aning that this camera was manufactured 4155 Kodak tmat GRA Film, sheet, ePR13536. SP961 30 x 40cm sheets, t take, donapos, donapos. Example side the cameras pictured below is stamped a 4 letter code. EstarAH base 1996 EPR220 Ektachrome64 Professional daylight 70mm. EA5 SO277 Low Contrast Fine Grain Aerial Duplicating estar Thick Base Bw SO277 Aerial Color duplicating film 18 x 24cm and, tmsra6 1983 ECN2 7276 Kodak PlusX Reversal.

Telling the age of kodak paper: Esos framework discussion paper

2236 ektachrome Infrared IE E-4, EA-5 2236 T-Max B W?One of the things that can provide clues is the hair styles of the women in the picture, because just like today they changed hair styles.Kodak Tri-X reversal (TXR B W, DL EI 200, Tungsten EI 160, 1955 B/W 7278 eastman TRI-X Reversal TXR B/W 7278 eastman TRI-X Reversal 7278 TXR B/W 7279 Kodak Vision 500 Tungsten, 16mm, ASA 500, process ECN-2, 1999 ECN-2 7291 Eastman Color negative Film, 16mm.

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